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Feature request

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Hi Eugene,
I would like to make a small feature request as follows.
Would you please add an optional possibility for WmsDownloadURLToFile function to append instead of overwriting the target file?
The function could look like this:
WmsDownloadURLToFile(const aURL, aFileName: string; const aHeaders: string = ''; aAsync, aAppend: Boolean = False): Boolean

If "aAppend" parameter is not supplied the function should overwrite the target file as it is now.
If "aAppend" parameter is passed and TRUE the function should append downloaded content to the target file. If file does not exist prior that the function should create it.

The intended purpose of such a functionality is to make use of partial downloads. Most content providers throttle progressive downloads thus getting big files is prone to errors. By using byte ranges one could overcome these shortcomings. Another use case is when downloading segmented MPD streams. In both cases chunks/segments after the very first one have to be appended to the target file.

Please let me know if such a functionality already exists. An example code snippet would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Feature request

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Version 3.27
function WmsDownloadURLToFile(const aURL, aFileName: string; const aHeaders: string = ''; aAsync: Boolean = False; aAppend: Boolean = False): Boolean
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