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Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) License (1 Device) 15 USD   Buy Now
Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) Web-Access, DAAP-Access 0 USD    
Home Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) without support 0 USD   Download
Click Here to know more about device registration.
1. For each playback device requires its own license (activation code). If the device has a different connection types (wired and wireless) and you want to use both types of connections, that require different licenses (different Device Codes). Usually you do not need to buy licenses for routers, computers. You need a license only for playback devices.
2. You do not need a licenses for the trial period (15 days).
3. Do not buy a license for adapt the server to your device via support, in the absence of your media device it can be difficult for you.
4. If you do not have enough trial period to test the program or if you have already bought a license and want to test it out with another device(s), you can use Extend Trial - 15 days licenses).
5. When ordering you must specify the Device Code. You can make and pay for your order without specifying the Device Code and send the Device Code later on E-Mail info@wildmediaserver.com.
6. You can buy multiple licenses and leave some in reserve, to get the activation codes later. In the field "Device Code" specify Reserved.
7. After the payment, activation code(s) will be sent from info@wildmediaserver.com within 24 hours (usually within 1-7 hours).
8. The purchased license cannot be exchanged (except the replacement of devices on the device manufacturer's warranty within one year from date of purchase) and cannot revert back (you have 15 + 15 days to trial program).
9. The license is valid for the specified Device Code on all versions of the program - eternal license. Program updates are free.

2Checkout Customer Support Link & FAQ

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