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Released version "Wild Media Server (DLNA) v1.70.2 (64-bit)
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Author:  Eugene [ Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Released version "Wild Media Server (DLNA) v1.70.2 (64-bit)

Update to 1.70

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) v.1.70

1. Added support for creating slide shows (more than 170 transition effects) of photos with overlaid music.
2. In Movies added the folder "Photo (Slideshow)".
3. Added transcoding profiles "Photo (Slideshow)", "Music (Single Track - Shuffle, Repeat)".
4. Individual settings of the client device - Additional:
  • added settings of creating a slide show:
    • parameters of the frame and the transition interval;
    • selection a folder of music for slide shows;
    • selection of styles (transition effects).
5. In the folders of music resources added the folder "Use for Photo (Slideshow)".
6. Settings - "Media Resources" - Service - Folder "Transcoding":
  • added mode "Folder "Use for Photo (Slideshow)" in each folder of music media resources".
7. Scripts:
  • new classes TWmsVideoSlideShow, TBitmap32 - can be used to create any video sequence, including scrolling large images (such as descriptions of films);
  • added functions WmsGetSingleTrackItem, WmsPreTranscodingEx, WmsShuffleList;
  • added functions WmsGetStreamParam (possible values in the type TStreamParamType), WmsGetStreamDelay;
  • added the variable DebugMode (True is the script is running from the form of script editing);
  • added classes TWmsScriptUPnPDevice, TWmsScriptUPnPDeviceList, TWmsScriptUPnPService, can be used to organize the "Play to" through
    the Web-Access;
  • classes TWmsIMDBInfo, TWmsIMDBItem now available in the scripts of media resources processing, Web-navigation, etc.
  • in the class TRegExpr added method Replace - support a replacement for the regular expressions;
  • added function WmsRegExReplace - support a replacement for the regular expressions;
  • in the class TWmsScriptMediaItem added the properties ItemClassID - the class ID of element, ItemClassName - the class name of element;
  • the method TWmsScriptMediaItem.AddFolder added optional parameter aFolderClassID - class ID of created element.
8. Podcasts:
  • added hotkeys for call script editing forms:
    • Podcast feeds creation script - Alt+1;
    • List of resources reading script - Alt+2;
    • The additional properties reading script RSS - Alt+3;
    • Script for the links to the resource - Alt+4;
    changes in the load mode of podcasts properties (including scripts), existing properties are replaced by the properties from loaded file.
9. Added reading of stream start time (used in WmsGetStreamDelay).
10. Updated the transcoding profile "Movies - TsMuxer" (changes for audio stream delay).
11. Updated scripts for IMDb sites.
12. Updated device configuration "WD TV Live HD Media Player (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)".
13. Added the transcoding profiles "TorrentStream (Reencoding)", "TorrentStream (Original video)", "TorrentStream (Input Stream)", "TorrentStream (Remux)" - support for TorrentStream - http://www.torrentstream.org/en/, AceStream - http://www.acestream.org/en/.
14. Added the transcoding profile "Internet-television (Original video)".
15. Editing scripts:
  • added page "List of expressions", can be used to view the current values ​​of the variables in the execution mode of script "Step by step", adding to the list from the form "Calculate Expression", remove Ctrl+Del;
  • added editor command:
    • ecCompileScript - check script (Ctrl+F9);
    • ecRunLine - run script by steps (F8);
    • ecRunScript - run script (F9);
    • ecToggleBreakpoint - set/remove the breakpoint of the script (F5);
    • ecEvaluate - to evaluate the expression (Ctrl+F7);
    • ecWatches - the expression list (Ctrl+Alt+W);
    changing shortcuts in the editor settings (Keystrokes - find a command,
    in the "Keypresses", press the desired shortcut).
16. Navigation on the media device - Folder Service - "Media Server":
  • added the folder "Hibernate mode".
17. Updated Bulgarian, German, Italian, Polish and Slovac translation files.

Author:  Eugene [ Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Released version "Wild Media Server (DLNA) v1.70 (64-bit

Update to 1.70.1

1. Updated transcoder ffmpeg-1.dll - added support for transcoding in flac-format (24-bit).
2. Updated music transcoding profiles for support transcoding to flac-format (mime-types audio/flac, audio/x-flac).
3. Music:
  • added reading of parameters "Disc No", "Total discs", "Album Artist";
  • in the form "Music information" added the fields "Disc No", "Total discs", "Album Artist".
4. Movies:
  • added reading of parameters "Series name", "Season No", "Episode Name", "Episode No".
  • in the form "Movie information" added the fields "Series name", "Season No", "Episode Name", "Episode No".
5. Transcoding profiles:
  • movies transcoding profiles are divided into folders (can not show, if transcoding profiles modified by user);
  • to context menu of "Transcoding profiles list" added menu items "Show Folders", "Edit name";
  • to "Transcoding profiles list" added the column "Active", inactive transcoding profiles removed from selection of transcoding profiles.

Author:  Eugene [ Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Released version "Wild Media Server (DLNA) v1.70.1 (64-b

Update to 1.70.2

1. Added support for loading music information from the site Gracenote.com:
  • by song title, album, artist;
  • by song fingerprint, fingerprint created by first seconds of song.
2. Thumbnails for music:
  • added creating thumbnails by information from the site Gracenote.com;
3. Settings - "Media Resources" - "Photo-resources, thumbnails":
4. The main form of the program - Music - List [Music]:
  • added button to call the form "Loading information from Gracenote.com".
5. The form "Music information":
  • added fields "Composer" and "Conductor";
  • added button to call the form "Loading information from Gracenote.com".

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